USB 634 USB wiring question...


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Okay just received my 634 USB display yesterday, looks kind of sweet!

But I have a question (I think I know what to do, but want a 2nd opinion):

1) I bought the internal USB connection kit, so I have 4 individual pins to connect to my internal mobo header (it's a Gigabyte 8KNXP). I grabbed the pin-out from my manual and here are the pins abailable:

1 - Power
2 - Power
3 - USB Dx-
4 - USB Dy-
5 - USB Dx+
6 - USB Dy+
7 - GND
8 - GND
9 - No Pin
10 - NC

I'm assuming the +5 volt pin goes to either pin 1 or two and the ground goes to either pin 7 or 8. Now the D+ and D- (I think that's how they're labeled, I'm at work and don't recall) they can go in either pins 3&5 or 4&6?

Am I right in thinking this? I don't want to blow anything. I wish there was some doc that came with the display. When I bought my 632 serial LCD a couple of years ago it came with 2 pages of doc and a CrystalFontz pen!

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