USB 634 and Winxp


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I am re-installing XP, and having no luck with getting the USB drivers to work. Every time I install it will find the hardware but will NOT find all the drivers. I point it to the directory with the 2134 drivers, but it cannot find the proper driver. It even searched the net for drivers, and it got further, but will still not install everything..

Are there winxp specific drivers?
Also, this is XP Pro, NOT home.
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same problem here,

I decided to install an ATI all in wonder 9000 and now the drivers for 634 will not be recognized. The 634 worked "ok" with the Crystalfontz sharware however many of the other ATI all in wonder options did not. I reinstalled XP and all the ATI software works flawless. Now the drivers will not install no matter what I try. After reading many posts and "searches" in this forum I would stay away from ATI all in wonder cards when using the 634 drivers. I plan to use the 634 in a vehicle with a GeForce 3 rather than the home system so I guess I will not get to crazy on my posts:)
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