USB 634 Allways on?


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I have a Blue USB 634 and when ever ti is pluged in the backlight is on... it there anyway to make it so it's only on when im running a program. The regular 634 didn't do this. I realy dont want to have to unplug it to turn off the backlight
Any help would be great
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CF Mark

Its always on while plugged in unless some software has turned the backlight off.

The next version of CrystalControl will turn off the backlight on exit.


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The regular 634 didn't do this.
any 634, unless it is not equipped with a backlight at all, will have the backlight on unless it gets the command to turn it off. as for whether or not LCDriver supports this functionality, check around the LCDriver website, maybe it's answered there, or maybe e-mail the author.
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