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USB 633 does not update LCD


New member
I am on windows xp.
I have installed, reinstalled, removed and reinstalled the USB drivers and software. I have tried other port settings and changing the COM port.

Using the LCD test works. Also CC1 works if i reinstall is.

CC2 under the "633 Module Configuration" screen has the orange warning saying its not running or is not configured for this LCD.

CC2 is showing its running. As does windows "services" under control panel.

What am I missing?
I have attached logs
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This is just a guess (educated one from experience, tho).

By default, CC2 currently sets the com speed at 115,200. For whatever reason, this does not work.

Make sure that it is set at 19,200 in the appropriate CC2 config screen. You *might* have to restart Windows, but hopefully this will do the trick.


New member

Good call.
I had to change the port setting and reboot but its working now.

It should be in the FAQ. i didnt see it there.
thanks again