USB 633 Died?


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I have a USB CF633 that has been working well for quite some time.

I have been using it as a fan controller & temperature monitor for my watercooling rig.

Lately the display seems to crash itself, the fans all spin-up to full RPMs (quite loud with 2 107cfm fans going) and the backlight turns off, the last output from CC2 is still visible on the LCD.

I full power off/on brings it back to life for a while before it stops responding once again.

Any ideas as to what is wrong?
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Follow Up:

I got no idea what happened. But after this the unit started failing at power-on

I had pretty much decided it was a throw-away job but left it in to power the watercoolers fans (at full loud RPMs btw).

Then a couple of days ago when I was cleaning up my flat, I pulled the front panel off my Lian-Li case to clean the dust from the front intake fan filters and all of a sudden the unit started working perfectly again.

I have replaced the front panel on the case and it's been running perfect ever since!

CF Tech

Hard to tell in situations like that.

Could be something as simple as an intermittent cable connection. Just the wiggling of disassembly and assembly might have restored the contact.


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Quite possible, the extremely fine wires of the cable for the USB did break at the connector going to the unit when I 1st installed it, but a quick hit with a soldering iron fixed that up and it's been fine since.
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