USB 633 and WinTest


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OK, I have got the new 633 USB's and am trying to get them working. I was figuring that I could get them working with WinTest because it seems that there is just a USB to serial converter on them. Is that the case, is that why I can't get the driver working on WinXP? It does see that is it a "CrystalFontz Display" but that is it. I can't get beyond that point.

So will there be a way to use any of the software for this display or is that what 2.0 is about?
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CF Tech

The USB 633 works fine under XP, but the driver on the web site does not cover it.

Please try this:

1) unplug the module

2) uninstall the current USB drivers

3) unzip this new driver into a directory

4) plug the module back in, and point Window's "New Hardware Found" wizard to the directory where you unzipped the files

I think that will fix it. If it does not, CF Support can get you straightened out, but it will probably be Monday.