USB 632 not recognized in Windows 2000


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I have a USB 632 v2.1 unit that I purchased earlier this year. I am running Windows 2000 with all of the available updates (Service Pack 4 included) and all of the latest motherboard drivers (VIA mini-ITX 12000 board). At one point I know I had the LCD working earlier this year, but I have since switched hard drives and I cannot get it working again.

The installation of Windows 2000 is fresh. After I install the USB drivers provided on the site, and subsequently plug the USB 632 into my motherboard USB headers, this pops up:

Windows 2000 somehow automatically installs a driver for the device, but whatever driver it installs isn't right (from usb.inf in the Windows directory) and I get an unknown device and an error.

After I go back, I select the manual installation for the driver and choose the 632 from the list.

Once I restart as instructed, the device is not recognized, and the second part of the installation as detailed in the USB driver installation guide never shows up.

Any ideas? The motherboard USB pins are fine (I've used both sets, same, and other USB header devices work normally), and I know the unit worked in the past. I'm trying to set the LCD up for a client's computer and the headaches from trying to troubleshooting are grinding the process to a halt. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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I think that either the display is damaged, or the D+ and D- pins are reversed at the motherboard connection. Try switching them. It will not hurt if they are connected backwards. DO NOT switch the +5v and ground though, that will cause damage.


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I switched them, still the same result though (not recognized). I'm not sure how it is possible that the display got damaged, although I guess components do just fail prematurely now and then. Is there any sort of repair / replace warranty on these LCDs?
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