Uh, how do you start CC2 Service again?


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When I start up my computer the little red CC2 icon appears in the system tray. When I right click on it there is no "start the service", just configure. The CC2 configure thing comes up and I added my display, loaded a few screens and clicked File, Start Crystal Control 2. Nothing. wait awhile.... still nothing. Rinse and repeat. More nothing.


Oh yeah, my computer won't shut down now (since I installed CC2) either.
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Can't help ya 'til you provide more info...


Which operating system? What version of CC2? Which USB drivers (I assume that this is a USB display)?

Have you tried Wintest to see if it is a HW or SW problem?

Actually, it seems that from previous posts of yours, it would appear you are using Vista 32-bit. FWIW, it would be much more helpfull if you limit your posts about the same problem to 1 post and not several different ones.

Assuming that the above is true (Vista 32-bit), then refer to these threads regarding Vista:


Until an updated version of CC2 is available, you will not be able to start the CC2 service from the config program. You CAN add/delete screens, just not start/restart.