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Well, I been back working on some electronics. For once I managed to connect up a new type of LCD (CFAG320240CX) without blowing it up :D

I must have a bad connection somewhere because getting the LCD to stay working is a bit problematic.. it either fills the screen with garbage, or it initializes fine, but then after about a second or two, the screen clears and the very top row of pixels goes black, and nothing works.

After a bit of messing around trying to get the interface to work I got some pretty reasonable results.

The pic is a wallpaper of Evangeline Lilly (Kate, from Lost)

The hardware is
PIC18F4550 @ 48MHz (12Mips)
32Kb 20ns SRAM (For future storage of graphics)

It's eventually going to be kind of like a graphic version of a CF63x (I2C, RS232 & USB interfaces)
The command set I am planning has drawing primitives (line, circle, sprites, etc), Text routines & Blitting capabilities.

Robert Heffernan

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