Two 634's in one computer?


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Hey all,

I just got my 634 USB driven LCD panel yesterday, and I LOVE this thing! I started out with the CrystalControl s/w, and that worked great, so then I installed jaLCDs and that works great too.

Here's a pic of my modded system:

I had an old Pioneer receiver (VSX-9500S) that I bought back in 1989. It has been acting up for the past few years, so I gutted it out and put all this in there:

Abit IT7-Max motherboard
P4 2.0GHz CPU
ATI Radeon 8500 AIW
100GB WD hard drive
Linksys wireless NIC
Pioneer slot load DVD (comes out the side of the case)
300W power supply
Crystalfontz 634 USB LCD panel

As you can see from the pic, I have the 634 installed in the front, where the old LED display was located. I had to fabricate some custom brackets to hold it in place, but after 20+ hours of work, I got it all finished. I wanted to build a computer that would sit in my living room and be able to watch movies, TV, play MP3's, etc., but I didn't want it to LOOK like a PC.

So anyways, I'm thinking...I have enough room in there to put two 634's side by side and have them both displaying different information.

So my questions are this:
Can I run two 634's with the CC software?
Does the CC software control the graphic LCD panels (like the CFAG12864B-TMI-V)?
Does anyone know if jaLCDs will control two 634's in the same box?

I like the CC software, but jaLCDs has quite a few more options (more than one email account check) that I like...

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