Twisted Mods review of the CFA634-TMC-KS LCD

CF Tech


SpLiZaaT over at Twisted Mods has posted a review of the CFA634-TMC-KS.
Whether you use this to display system info from your computer desktop or you decide to mount it on your case somewhere, do not miss out on a mod that will quickly become a new fad. After playing with the software, installing, testing, etc, I must say that the CrystalFontz 634 LCD display is of exceptional quality. Not only is the size plenty big to clearly read, the actual lettering is VERY crisp and clean. The ability to change baud rates on this unit is also a great feature for support of various motherboards and systems.
Direct link to the review:

Please note, if you purchase the LCD with the power cable (WR232Y02) on the same order, we will solder the connector onto the LCD, so you do not need to do any soldering. The USB version also does not require soldering.
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