Trouble using crystalfontz software?

I have just installed a crystalfontz 631. I have installed drivers with no problems & I have installed cc2 software. Here's my problem, I can't get anything to display except for the default screen. I've downloaded some Winamp screens but I can't get them to display.
crystalfontz.jpg This is as far as I can get. From here when I close the 2nd screen nothing appears in the LCD display.

Some help would be much appreciated.

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CF Mark


I believe the problem is caused by your large windows fonts & border sizes.
In your screenshot, the screen editor window has the bottom cut off it (missing the OK & Cancel buttons).
The main window has an important button cut off also.
many thanks for taking the time to help. I thought something was missing from the menus in the programme. I do have my fonts set to extra large. I've messed about with all my windows settings to try rectifying but the closest I can get is just making an okay button to appear in the programme.
I've pressed okay but still nothing appears in my crystalfontz display.
It's doing my head in & I'm on the point of giving up. It's very annoying.:mad:

Kind regards.
I've sorted the resolution problem out & can now see all of the software buttons. I still can't get any screens to display on the LED display. Please help.



CF Mark

Ok, first, when you hit that "restart crystalcontrol2" button, does the LCD do anything at all?
Does the default bootup LCD screen get blanked, or anything like that?
If not, then you either have LCD driver problems, or have selected the wrong COM/USB port in the module options.

The USB drivers in here are the best ones to use:

Everything else appears to be correct besides maybe the LCD contrast setting.
Youll need to click the "restart crystalcontrol2" button after changing that.
Many many thanks. I did have the wrong coms port selected. I've now selected the right one & my display is working a treat. I've also adjusted the contrast as you suggested.

Best regards,