TRIA2 and Crystalfontz 633 working together


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I have a Tira2 IR unit and then went to install the crystalfontz 633, only to discover that I can no longer talk to either units, as they use the same drivers and once one is installed the other disappears from the hardware listing. As a result I can no longer access either peice of hardware even those I have removed all refrences to ftdi*.* from c:\windows I also removed all refrences to ftd2*.* from windows yet I still see neither device. Is there a way to get them to both work or did I just waste $85 on a product this product.

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CF Tech

If both are plugged in at the same time, both should show up in the device manager. Is that what you see?

It looks like both the Tira2 drivers and the Crystalfontz drivers are both claiming VID:pID of 0403:8372. I think this is an error in the Crystalfontz drivers, I do not know if it is an error in the Tira2 drivers.

Please give this set of drivers a shot for the Crystalfonntz device:


I have not been able to check these, but hopefully it will fix the trouble.