Time/clock with big numbers on CFA633 16x2?


New member
I've gone through my entire collection of user-made screens that I've downloaded off the internet, and I can't find a single one that displays the time (and date, if it would fit) using big characters on a 16x2 display. While I am comfortable using the GUI to make my own custom screens, I have no idea how to code them manually, which I believe big numbers would require.

Would anyone like to help me make a digital clock with big numbers for my CFA633 16x2 display? I realise this might be a futile effort, because my 633 has 15 blank vertical lines every 5 pixels as well as a long blank horizontal line through the middle of the two rows, as it was designed for text-only purposes. But if anyone can think of a way to make it look decent on my 633, I would be in your debt!c
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CF Mark

Sorry, there is no way to do this.
The time-date plugin only supports a big number clock on 20x4 modules.