throw me a fricken bone (CFAH1602B-YMI-JP)

Captain Stern

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heya, I bought this model and I am having some trouble hooking it up to a 16f84.. I am using the default mikrobasic program. I'm not sure if I have the pins correctly hooked up for data, but that doesn't really matter unless I have the control pins hooked up correctly. I've got the backlight hooked up, with the 10 ohm series resistor, and the display according to what this page specified (aside from the backlight) prolly wrong on account of the different part numbers and the different way my program sets up the pins. basically I was just wanting a example circuit and hex for a 16f84

would be great if I could get this thing fired up :)
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CF Tech

Typically a 10K pot is used. I suppose 8K on top and 2K on the bottom would get fairly close to 1v (ignoring the current flowing out of Vo) if you must use fixed resistors.

You never know exactly what the voltage will be for the optimal setting--which is why a pot is typically used.

Captain Stern

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ok.. I've the 10k pot installed correctly. I'm only getting the top part to show tint though.. and theres no text displaying. the backlight works.. but the bottom line isn't displaying. I'm not sure if it is the hex's (if thier compiling right). or if its wired wrong. I wired everything according to the link aside of the 10k pot.

Can you provide me with some sample schematics so I can know I got it right from the undisputed source? so I can at least eliminate incorrect pinouts as a issue?