Thread for SOLVING problems instead of just complaining about Vista.


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Everything loaded as it should and the Win Test worked perfectly. In CC2 I can edit everything as I choose but when I try to start the service I get the "Could not start service: Could not access the NT service manager"
I am running Vista Business. Is there any way to fix this?
Thank you.
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Yes and no. I have "massaged" my SW so that about the only thing I cannot do is restart CC2 from the config program.

I will have to write up all the things I have done. It will take awhile to make it all sound intelligent, so give me a few days. I just got it to my present state over the weekend. Trial & Error.

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We are putting together a machine for CC Admin now, and should have it in place in a week or so. Then he can start debugging under Vista.


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I'm also interrested to have a solution, because I have the same message with Vista Home Premium installed after an update from cc1.06 to cc2.



Just a note to let you know that I have files/instructions to post. For some reason, I could not upload the files this weekend, so I emailed to CF. Once they send me back a URL to referance to, I will make a couple posts on what to do.

Please note that this is for Vista 32-bit only (at the moment).

The ONLY thing that you will not be able to do at the moment is restart CC2 from the Config program. Other than that, everything works as before.

Hopefully in the next day or so...



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Did anyone ever get a fix for the CC2 restart problem in CC2? i just installed and am having the same problem