things I'd like to see


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This is my 1st time at this forums, so please excuse me if these questions were already asked and if they were answered. If you can point me to the right answers, I'd appreciate it.

I'm thinking of buying the CFA-631 USB LCD Modules and was wondering what software capabilities this could be used for. Are the following things to possible with this device?

1. Show the time.
2. Show the weather.
3. Show the song title. I'm assuming winamp would be the player of choice.
4. Show the movie/chapter title. Hopefully this can be done through a bunch of different players.
5. Show news, stocks, sports headlines (preferably in a scrolling feature).

I know it can show the CPU temp and settings, so that's why I'm not including in my list.

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff but those are the 5 things I'd like to be able to do with the LCD.

Hopefully it'll be very easy to have all of these things programmed in so the basic user can do it. I'd also like to be able to have it accessable with a touch of a button on my remote.

So are these things possible? Thanks for helping out a newbie. :)
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