The toys #1

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System #1:
AMS mid tower
P4 3.0ghz
DIF Lanparty MB
Corsair 4000Pro memory
dual BIX Rads
WW CPU block
DD GPU block
DD Z-Chipset block
Swiftech MCP-600 pump
CC 634 & 631 controled by CrystalControl V1 software
Matrix Orbital MX222 via LCDC software
Windows XP
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The toys #2

P4 3.0ghz
DFI Lanparty MB
DD RBX CPU block
DD GPU block
D-Tek JR-120 HP radiator
Mandrake Linux 9.2
CC 634 display running LCDProc/LCDSensors


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Ferrari355 said:
I can't get LCDProc to run on my 634 Usb.. It never starts up!
Does the LCD get recognized at bootup?

What version of Linux (mine is running Mandrake 9.2 and the kernel detected it automagically).

If it is not recognized at bootup then are you comfortable with compiling a kernel and the modules?

If so, go into /usr/src/linux (linux should be a symbolic link to your most recent source code directory)

make menuconfig

scroll down to USB support
make sure that Support for USB has an "*" by it
I have UHCI and OHCI compile directly into my kernel

Go into the USB Serial Converter Support sub-option
make sure that the USB Serial Converter support is checked as an module (M)
USB Generic Serial Driver checked with an "*"

Exit out of this sub-option

Under --- USB Miscellaneous drivers

Make sure that USB CLD device support is checked with the "M" option

exit out and save the configuration
make dep and then compile your kernel/modules/modules_install
do a depmod -a

make sure that in your modules.conf (in /etc) you are loading in any necessary USB drivers (the system should do set it up for you) - mine shows
probeall usb-interface usb-ohci
alias ftdi ftdi_sio

and mine runs fine like the above with kernel 2.4.22-26tp (a custom kernel compiled by me)

If it is recognized at bootup you have to (for LCDproc) make sure that the configuration points at the right USB ftdi_sio port (mine is /dev/ttyUSB0). Make sure in the LCDd.conf (located in the /etc directory) shows the
Driver=CFontz (default is Driver=curses if I remember correctly)
Foreground needs to be changed to = no (once you get it running)
I run BacklightBrightness=79
in the [CFontz} setup

and then in my rc.local I do a:
echo "Starting LCdd......."
/usr/local/sbin/LCDd -i -c /etc/LCDd.conf
echo "STarting LCDd Process......"
/usr/local/sbin/lcdproc K C M X T G D U &
echo "Starting LCD Sensor Monitors......"
/usr/local/sbin/lcdsensor.cmd &

my lcdsensor.cmd contains

if using the lcdsensor stuff you also have to have LM Monitoring set up.

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Ferrari355 said:
I hafve Windows Xp Pro.. and yes the display boots up.
Well, it's no wonder it won't run... what I have is for the Linux version (I don't think that there is a Windows version of LCDProc...

Just checked the software linkage on the website and see that 2Morrow, Inc. does do a Windows version... but I haven't played with it.

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Ferrari355 said:
I hafve Windows Xp Pro.. and yes the display boots up.
Just downloaded the Windows XP version of the LCDD driver and it won't work on my system. The com ports only go up to 4 and my 634 is on 7 an dthe 631 is on 8. Can't help ya' with this one.. see my other post in the other forum and jaLCDs.