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Just wanted to comment on the great product support. I had a 634 front panel LCD that the LED's failed on one side of the display. This unit had been through at least 3 computer builds in 2 different cases. I had long ago discarded the original purchase order. I contacted CF to see if I could replace the LED's myself. They immediately replied that they would replace the LCD at a 50% discount. I got a new LCD, upgraded from serial to usb, and they threw in the USB to motherboard cable for free.

I had fully expected to be told the original LCD had reached the end of a reasonable lifespan and it was time to buy another- which I would have. I told Tim at customer support this and he said that CF likes to keep it's customers and this type of support was typical. Maybe for CF it's typical, but it's hard to find anywhere else. Thanks!:D
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