Temps, single screens, big numbers 631


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Hi, due to a request from one of our newest members I`ve put together four single temperature screens. These utilise a big number display on the 631.

Now, all have an added Degree symbol. This wasn`t possible before due to technical reasons. Please download and install the upgrade.


I will do HD1 also if anyone requires it in the same format.

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CF Tech said:
For the degree symbol, perhaps a lower case "o" on the upper line?
I gave up the ghost at 4.30am, matchsticks just didn`t work any more. Now done the changes and they do look swish-thanks!



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I just installed your plugins, and just want to check something.
What you have for the PSU temp is taking what is temp 3 on my Shuttle SB65, which is, what I believe the PWM temp.
Also, what you have as the PWM temp is the system temp. I don't believe the Shuttles have a PSU temp sensor.
Maybe I am incorrect here.
Bottom line, though, is the PWM temp should be higher than the System or "PSU" temp, which isn't the case under your config.

Am I smoking something?:confused:


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The terms are generic for my shuttle and work perfectly well. For others they need amending and are simply a base screen to change to suit. The PSU temp is included on an SN45G.

All you need to do is open the screen in notepad, change the id numbers around, restart CC2 and check the output. You could alternatively change the titles. This is customising the base screen to suit your particular setup. When you hit the right combination for your setup then make sure you save a copy of the screen somewhere safe.