Temperature Shutdown


New member

I'm in the final stages of completing my water-cooling build. I have two questions to clear up so I can finalize my internal wiring setup. I've read all of the Crystalfontz LCD & CC2 documentation in preparation, but only know its theoretical function since I have yet to physically use it....hence the questions.

1) In order to get CC2 to shutdown the PC when CPU temp. "x" is reached - do I have to use the scab probes or can I use the motherboard/cpu temp. sensor to achieve this?

2) If the probes are the only way (noooooo :eek: ), my concern is the reliability of the readings since the probes are too bulky to be affixed to the CPU. Any suggestions as to where I can mount the probe near the CPU in order to get a reading that closely reflects core temps?

Any help or info is greatly appreciated. I of course do not hold crystalfontz liable for any tips/info provided.

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