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Hi all,
I am SERIOUSLY looking to buy a 634 due to the flexibility of the display. I also want to be able to utilize external temperature sensors. I know that you can add these to a 633, however is there anyway to add these to a 634? The display is somewhat limited on the 633 in comparison to the 634. I would hope that it is possible since I have a K7N2-L motherboard from MSI and the temp readings seem to constantly be a little off. That is why I wanted to get away from the onboard sensors. I also noticed another display that was huge (forgive me not knowing the #) on this site but the colors are not too varied. In short, is the 633 the ONLY option for adding sensors, and do they work well with the software? Thanks in advance.
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The 633 is currently the only display that we offer with the ability to read temp sensors native on the display. The software integration has gotten much better with the introduction of the 633 service, which allows for integration with MBM to have those sensors at its disposal.
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I am not totally confident that my MBM (Motherboard monitoring) is adequately accurate. That is why I am thinking of bypassing it altogether. When you have a Volcano 7+, AS3, and an XP 2500+ cpu... it should not hit 70 C... it is weird too... I can touch the heatsink and it feels relatively cool.. so I think that either the ON DIE reading is hosed or the MBM's intrepretation of it.. anyway.. this means that a 633 it is... (too bad though.. I really wanted some more screen real estate)