Temp Prob and Fan Voltage Adjust?


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I just bought a 633 USB kit and connected everything up and installed CrystalControl2. Now it seems that I need to run SpeedFan to get the temp readings and fan monitoring to show up on the LCD? But I have 2 fans connected to the 633 and 2 temp probs connected. I only want to adjust the voltage for those two fan and display the temp read by the probs connected. How would I do that?
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Ok, after some reading, it seems like this can only be done with creating a custom screen module to load with CC2? I have no idea what I am doing yet so if anyone can give me some guides it would be much appreciated.


1st, I assume you using the latest version of CC2, which you will need. The help section has a nice step by step guide on setting up fan control. You do not need to set up any screens to do this. Follow the instructions and you should have your fans controled by CC2.

For monitoring, you will need to configure a screen(s). There are some default screens in the user contributed directory for this. I do not believe there are any specific screens for a 633, but the default one can be easily modified for your use.

So, get your fans controlled by CC2 1st. Once this is done, if you need help, someone can help you get what you want for a screen. Just let us know what you want displayed.