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How do I configure CC2 to setup temp alarms for each probe

I want to also add say a blinking lcd when the alarm temp goes on, or a audible sound

Is it possible please ?

I'm not familiar with codes

I plugged in the DOW probes but there is no alarm sound or prompt of any kind to know a max temp has been reached

I did put a tick in the "alarm" box and set the min and max temp in the fields,but not the "shutdown pc" box

Running CC2 and 633

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CF Mark

There is no support for audible alarms :(

What you can do is setup a system warning message via the Windows Events Manager.

When the 635 alarm points are met, a warning message is can be logged in the Windows Event Manager.
In the Windows Event Manager you can have a "task" run when one of these events is logged. You can have that task display a system wide dialog box.
Some information is here: http://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/help/notifications/new-alert-profile.html

1 - Make sure you have your temp sensors setup in the CC2 config app (give them names).
2 - Stop CC2 and close the tray config app.
3 - Edit "logprefs.ini" and set "system_level=2".
4 - Edit your "lcd_633.ini" and setup the alarm points (set them low for testing first).
5 - Start CC2, get the temps over the alarm point and make sure the events can be seen in the Windows Event Manager.
6 - Create a Event Manager "task" to display a dialog box when over temp warnings are logged.

An example of how the temp alarm points need to be set can be found in the "CrystalControl2\documentation\plugin-info\lcd_633.ini" file.

Let me know if you need any more help.