Switch male jack to female on 632/634


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I just got my stuff I ordered from you guys.
First let me say that your professional attitude showed with the great care in packing and the speedy handling of my order. I think I ordered all my stuff just 4 days ago and recieved it today. Thats outstanding!!

Second I connected the USB to serial convertor cable I ordered, install went just fine. Went to connect the LCD 632 to it and.............they are both male connectors!?!?! I hadn't paid enough attention to detail when I was ordering to notice the serial cable you sell was female to female.

So do you think I will have any problems removing the male jack and replacing it with a female jack on the LCD?

Or could I get an old serial mouse, hack off the mouse and wire it directly to the terminal board on the back of the LCD (plug the other end into the USB/serial convertor)? Will that work with the male jack or was the terminal disable to have to have the male jack work??

Thanks, really want to see this thing in action!
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Easier than using the mouse cable would be to use a gender changer like our WR232Y07:

You can probably find an equivalent part locally.

I would not recommend removing the connector on the LCD, it would be too easy to damage the traces on the PCB.

If the mouse cable brings enough signals out from the LCD that should work. Many of the mouse cables only have a few conductors in them to make them lighter.

If you are going to try to supply power to the LCD from the USB232A, then you will not want to use the LCD's "terminal board" (J2). J2 requires a regulated +5v. To get the power from a standard serial port (which is what the USB232A supplies), you must bring it into the LCD through the "Power A" and "Power B" pins. The Power A and Power B pins accept 7-12 volts and regulate it down to +5v for the LCD.

Please refer to the "Connecting Your LCD" section of the datasheet for details of the connector pinouts.

The connection between the USB232A and the LCD can also be done with our WR232Y01:

Which is logically the same as the WR232Y07 (db-9 female to db-9 female, straight through, fully wired), but 6' long. Radio shack sells an equivalent cable, Cat No 26-152a.
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Well I have the mouse "hack" working. I have pins 3,4,5,7 connected on the back of the LCD via the ex-mouse cable.

Everything seems to work fine if I have it plugged ito a normal serial jack, however I cant get it to work at all with USB serial convertor yet.

Still locks up the computer hard when I try it that way.
Possible a speed, power issue?
I thought USB devices ran off 3V not 5V?