swap the scab+usb cables for 1 cat-5 cable


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(i had a nice longish post done and my comp froze :'( )

ok, so i got fed up with having to keep my 631 stuck in the floppy bay because its connected to the scab and the cable is tiny, so i took matters into my own hands.

im now running 1 cat-5 cable between the scab and the lcd which has the fans and usb data lines and it works great :D (i found 2 female cat-5 connectors to use so i could use any cat5 cable i had lying around... u might prefer hacjing up a cable...)

so how do u do it?

well, the scab cable alone uses 16wires and 4 more for usb, but the cat5 is only 8 wires.... so u have to prioritise..

first of all, i found that my lcd is quite happy using the power from the scab so that means i didnt need to use the usb power (2 wires... u may have to fiddle with jumpers to get yours working like this..), so connect up the 2 data wires for the usb (green and white) to the cat5 connection. i cut up the usb cable that was given with the lcd so i could connect the data to the mobo header...

now u got 6 wires left. connect up pins 15 and 16 from the scab (GND and +5v for power) and pin 13 (temp wire.. i tink.. couldnt find the datasheet), im not sure what pin14 is for so i hooked it up anyway :p

2 wires left.... because i dont care about the gpio and fan rpm stuff i ignored those lines (i also only use 2 fans..) so i just connected F1P and F2P (pins 6 and 8)

and there u have it :D connect it up, turn on ya comp and your done :D

id get picuters but my setup is really ghetto :D also i cant get a decent photo (remember i said my comp froze? well hands in comp while on == VERY BAD :D )

NOTE TO CF: design a rf transmitter/reciver for the lcds :D that would be sweet, or sell a nice LONG cable for the scab and usb..

hope this gives ppl ideas
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