Supply voltage for CFAG240128LSTITZ


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In the datasheet of the product says that for the logic it have to get a source of 5v. But the supply voltage for the LCD is 18.9 typical. Is this correct? isnt that a lot?
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The voltage on Vo (pin 4) would be about -13.9 (18.9V below Vdd).
Thanks for your response, but wait, in pin 4 i have to supply with -13.9V? how you know? i dont understand!

Can someone tell me like which voltages go in these pins?

Pin 3 (Vdd Power supply +5)
Pin 4 (Vo Power supply for LCD driver)
Pin 9 (Vee Negative vp;tage)

Any help i will be very pleased!

Thanks in advance!

CF Tech

Just connect the ends of a 10K pot between pin 9 (Vee) and pin 3 (Vdd). Connect the wiper of the pot (center pin) to pin 4 (Vo).

Put the red lead of your meter to pin 3 (Vee), the black lead to pin 4 (Vo), and adjust the pot to where the meter reads the 18.9v.

Then the contrast will be good enough that once the initialization is done, you can see what is on the display.