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super slow boot of 634 lcd


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my windows has already started but the lcd takes forever to boot.
i dont know whats causing this, please help.
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no it doesnt. the lcd boots very very very fast, and if you have it connected to your computer's p/s, it will most definately be done booting before your computer is out of the POST. do you mean a program you are using to display information on the lcd display is taking a while to load? if so, what program?
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the program Im using is Crystalcontrol.Youre right the information takes about 3-5 mins in the lcd. the program hangs in other words. what do I do?


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Make sure you have "Delayed Startup" unchecked on the CrystalControl "Settings" screen. It's located down twards the bottom on the settings window.

Hope that helps.