Suggestions for LCDDriver/Hardwaremonitor combos

I have a 634 serial display which is conntected to the computer using a serial to usb converter. Unfortunately CC2 does not recognise the "virtual" COM Port and thus cannot control the display (Already posted thread on this in CC2 forum). This is unfortunate since I want to monitor the temperature and fan speeds of my watercooled system. So, if you do have a working solution for this, please share which hardware monitoring program you are using to read the sensors and which display controller you are interfacing it with (and if there is a plugin required).

The required output would be:
CPU/System Temperature
GPU temperature (please specify if it works for ATI and/or NVidia cards)
HD temeprature (read from smart data)

So far I have come up with
LCD Driver: CC2 (free) <-> Hardware Monitor: HMonitor (Hardware Sensors monitor) (Single License $22)
which is not working for me, because of above mentioned problem, but might be a great combination for those who can make it work.

And please, MBM has been dead for years now, so even though it might be a great tool, most motherboards, mine included, are not supported.
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