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Strangenesses at CC2


New member
Kind time of day,

I establish CC2 under WinXP SP2(rus). Installation has passed successfully, there main panel CC2 configuration, but it is cut off on the right, at the left, below.
There is no access to button "Restart CrystalControl 2". We check on other PC WinXP(eng). Nothing varies.
In what a problem? Help...
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do you have large fonts enabled in windows?

(right click on yr desktop > Properties > Appearance - drop down at the bottom)


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Greetings to all,

Magical dances about desktop have not helped.
Except for troubles with the main window anything bad is not present.
Other windows of the program open normally.
Have checked up for two PC with the different version Win, no changes in the best party are present.
Such at me several years ago with beta-smartie. In the new version smartie defect of the main window has disappeared.
I shell search for the reason.:confused:



New member
I thank all for participation in the decision of my problem.

All is solved successfully.
In CC2 components of the basic form at change of scale of the screen (with 96 dpi to 120 dpi, that is convenient at the sanction 1280x1024) change the sizes. Thus, the size of the form does not vary also the important elements of managment leave for borders of the form. At 96 dpi all to an element of management are more accessible.

Yours faithfully I wish successes in perfection CC2