strange starting problem usb 634

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I need your assistance because I have a strange starting problem with my Crystalfontz usb 634
I will try to be clear because my English is really poor …(sorry):D
I installs the LCD and the lastest drivers, everything is OK and I reboot Windows and Lcd ignites again with the cursor which flickers, ok that work great.:)
1) When I am under Windows and I install a new software or new hardware device, sometimes the lcd dies out directly or when I reboot Windows afterwards, the lcd is not able to ignite (it flickers twice very quickly and then it dies out).
2) Idem when I use Crystalfontz software or JaLcd sofware, when I shutdown softwares, I have same problem
3) When my HDD usb 2.0 is plug before I start Windows, the lcd does not ignite. And when I plug the HDD under Windows, the lcd work but it does not work the next reopening session of Windows (it appears in the devices manager with a point of exclamation by saying that this material is not correctly installed, same the point number 1).

The most wired, when I have a crash with the lcd, I just simply open and close Windows twice continuation so that the lcd reappears and work completely normally. :confused:

In my motherboard I have jumpers to put the usb ports in +5V or +5VSB that can he have an influence?

My configuration:
MB: Asus P4c800 deluxe + PIV 2.8Ghz
USB ports: port 3 = HDD usb 2.0 whit external power/port 6 = Crystalfontz usb 634
Windows XP pro with service pack 1
The lastest drivers installed for all the stuff
Legacy usb disable in the bios
Power management ACPI : S1

Thank for futures replys
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