Strange Failure on CFAG240128L-YYH


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Hi Tech Support!

On December of 2007 I bought an GLCD CFAG240128L-YYH-TZ.
It works great until today :mad:
Im using the GLCD on an embeded system which firmware is updating every day without problems. This morning, I load a new firmware (NONE CHANGE TO GLCD LIBRARIES), and when set the power ON, the GLCD show scrambled (and moving) lines of the picture wich should be showing at startup.
Then, I touch the GLCD connector: nothing change. When I took the GLCD on my hand and pressed the case (near the border) the GLCD start showing horizontal lines swaping from top to bottom. Sucesives touchs of the case generate random lines, filed sectors, horizontal lines, blanked screen, etc...

There is a DIRECT relationship between the "hand touches" (varying pressure and position) and the "picture" (messed lines and blocks) on the GLCD. I never get any "good" picture again.

What is the cause of malfunction?
1) Any pasive componente or IC burned on the GLCD PCB?
2) The Zebra (ruber connector) dirty?
3) The Zebra (ruber connector) displaced?

If 2 o 3 are valid, Can I get lucky opening the case and cleaning & relocating the zebra?? Any suggestion to do that will be apreciated (also, there is a mark or something for relocate the crystal on the same position after the cleaning??)

Thanks In Advance!

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Of Course! Im also try with another GLCD this morning: All OK.
The horizontal swaping lines are like a broken TV... They apear on the top and swap to the bottom, at fast speed (4 or 5 times per sec). If I "bend" the case, they: stop, or the GLCD gets clear, or random areas gets filled...
Maybe there is a component broken, and the "bending method" is only showing normal malfunction....
Please Help!!



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cosmicvoid, Im think I have not understood your post. With the old firmware the display dont work either.
Dont seems to be a firmware trouble.
Then its likely that the controller chip on the display board is damaged. I don't think the zebra strips have anything to do with it, but I think bending and pressing the frame would only make it worse.