STK500 ATMEL DEV. BOARD and 634 series


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I have a ATMEGA16L Micro and a STK500 Development board and cannot get my 634LCD to work with the serial UART interface. I have been working for many hours and now actually have it sending data to the LCD, but it is just jibberish. I have tried closing JPB and JPE with no luck. Can you please help???
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I have hooked it up no problem. A few minor details. Are you trying to connect to the serial port connector on the STK500? or are you wiring from the RX/TX lines directly? You might have your data inverted, you can change that on the LCD with a jumper.

Also, make sure your baud rate is correct. If you are using the internal oscillator, you need to calibrate it if you are trying to use a fast baud rate. (I recommend using a crystal to run the stk500) but it is not necessary. It should be ok at 9600. Also, goto hyperterminal and check to see if the data is coming out of the stk500 ok.

Good luck