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I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. I'm putting the entire lcd4linux design into a Wow unit tooltip. This is going to rock. :) People will be able to configure their LCD displays via the same configuration design, through a simple Lua table entered in game.

Here's an example configuration.

	[14] = {
		name = "Marquee",
		left = 'return "StarTip " .. StarTip.version',
		updating = true,
		enabled = false,
		marquee = true,
		width = 20,
		prefix = 'return "---"',
		postfix = 'return "---"',
		bold = true,
		align = 'M',
		update = 1000,
		scroll = 1,
		speed = 500,
		direction = DIRECTION_LEFT		
That's the equivalent of a Text widget.
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Hey, I've been stirring some interests for LCDs lately. Already people are asking where they can get these. :)

I'm turning all of LCD4LInux's components into libraries for other addon authors to use in their addons. So they can interface all components like widget, evaluator (lua script), properties, layouts, etc... Plus some additions I made to LCDControl, such as transitions and histograms. I think people are going to like these. :) Plus I'm writing StarTip based on them, so players can take advantage of them as well.


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The one below (64x64) is a scope using random data calculated as moving averages for noise data. I want to take combat log data and visualize it.

These (32x32) are too much for WoW really. It's Superscope from Winamp's AVS plugin. What you see here is just barely ok, and you can't run both at the same time without a noticeable difference.

			[1] = {
				name = "Spiral",
				init = [[
				frame = [[
				beat = [[
				point = [[
d=i+v*0.2; r=t+i*PI*200; x=cos(r)*d; y=sin(r)*d				
				width = 24,
				height = 24,
				pixel = 4,
				drawLayer = "UIParent",
				points = {{"CENTER", "UIParent", "CENTER", 0, -100}},
				enabled = false


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Here's are some snapshots of LCD4WoW. The display in the full screen capture and the other with a bunch of icons are drawn. The fonts are from LCD4Linux. There's a normal and bold set.

Note the icons in the not-drawn display. That display uses regular fonts and icons have to span however many columns and rows it takes up -- 7x8 in this case.

You can display individual layouts and transition between them with one of the several transition options.