Somewhat Mystery LCD Module

Freddy warbird

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I cannot find the pdf on this. After a lot of searching, I'll tell you what I know.

Dot matrix LCD mono graphic display 5v

4bit parallel data

Fstn .30 dot pitch

The pcb manufacture is Orion Display Technology Korea. The only part number that i know of is P3224B

The inverter for the CCFL is made by ERG. The closet pdf I can find to the actual part # of the inverter is this one.

The drivers are: Hitachi Display Driver 80-seg 0-bp Cmos 100pin Plastic Matrix Character.

It has an voltage generator. Blue

It has an flip-flop Yellow

It has an Binary counter. Pink

The suface mount Molex connecter is 14 pin Red

Size: 320 x 240 I think.

Answered my own questions.

It has no controller on board.:( Trying to find a distributor who isn't an volume distibution that sells an Raio RA8835, or Epson S1D13305 chip isn't panning out very well.
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