Some questions about DB635AKTMFKU3


New member
I just received DB635AKTMFKU3 with UBERSCAB and ALL cables.
I cannot find any connection scheme.
I tried to connect the USB CABLE (WRUSBY03) to USB Host Connection.
I use linux, and I can see my system recognize the panel and load the display, but it remains switched off.
Can U hel me?
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New member
A CFA635 with the UberSCAB will detect when the USB header is connected but not power up completely unless you connect the power connector on the SCAB module.

The power connector on the SCAB is the Floppy-Disk style 4-pin connector on the back edge of the PCB between two of the 3-pin fan connectors.

Hook that up and you should have no problems.

Good Luck!
Robert 'Heffo' Heffernan
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