Some HD44780 controlled thing


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Hi all...

I recntly got my hands on one 1*16 and one 4*32 lcd..
Not crystalfontz sorry =(...

But the small one is HD44780 controlled so i hooked it up using the schematics with the white background (Uller´s?)
I installed LCDcenter and got the display running! But it´s not showing the right text.. It´s scrolling back and forward with a blinking cursor, lots of !´s and the text OSESAMG!!!!!! and ACEUIY!!!!!..... :confused:
I must have done something wrong here... Can you help me out please?
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Dang... I made a boo-boo :p
A signal wire from the lpt-port had gone loose so now it´s working properly :D
Thanks for a great forum.. I´ve learned very much reading it