Software to program the CFAX12864a?

El paisa

New member
Which software is used to program the CFAX12864a which photo appeared in the Announcemets section?
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El paisa

New member
When I try to run CFAX_WinTest.exe I receive an error message:
File MFC42D.DLL is missing.
Where I can that file?

CF Tech

Sorry about that. I have updated the executable zip file linked above to include those DLLs:). Now it is much bigger:(

The PCB with all components assembled and tested is $200 (plus the cost of whatever display you want connected to it.

The PCB is not perfect, there are two components on the back and one jumper on the front. Also, the EL works, but interferes with the operation of the display. We are pretty sure this is a layout problem, since a EL demo PCB from Sipex works fine in the same location. Therefore the EL section of the PCB should be considered not functional.