Software to do this? (See Picture)


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It's a little hard to see but I found this on a website.
I don't know exactly what's on the screen.

But the two graphs are CPU Usage or Memory usage. well I would just like to do some hardware monitoring.

But I want to be able to have a nice little graph like that for the CPU at a minimum.

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That looks like a custom solution. You could probably get close with a 320x240:

and PowerLCD or maybe LCD studio:

spock said:
Actually, the connection is possible. There are programs such as LCDstudio or powerLCD with which to drive a graphic LCD through the parallel port. However, note a quite substantial percentage of CPU usage, as well as experience required wiring one of these, not to mention a high probability of damaging the (somewhat expensive) display in the process. As a start, I'd recommend a visit to the LCDstudio site ( or the (which is not free) and let yourself be the judge if it's worth the trouble!
Be aware that we do not support these modules in non-OEM applications:


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It's no CF display, it was a display with T6963 controller connected to parallel port. Look at the website of LCD Hype which controllers are supported.