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Software to do this? (See Picture)


New member
It's a little hard to see but I found this on a website.
I don't know exactly what's on the screen.

But the two graphs are CPU Usage or Memory usage. well I would just like to do some hardware monitoring.

But I want to be able to have a nice little graph like that for the CPU at a minimum.

Thanks in Advance,

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CF Tech

That looks like a custom solution. You could probably get close with a 320x240:


and PowerLCD or maybe LCD studio:

spock said:
Actually, the connection is possible. There are programs such as LCDstudio or powerLCD with which to drive a graphic LCD through the parallel port. However, note a quite substantial percentage of CPU usage, as well as experience required wiring one of these, not to mention a high probability of damaging the (somewhat expensive) display in the process. As a start, I'd recommend a visit to the LCDstudio site (www.lcdstudio.com) or the www.powerlcd.com (which is not free) and let yourself be the judge if it's worth the trouble!
Be aware that we do not support these modules in non-OEM applications:



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It's no CF display, it was a display with T6963 controller connected to parallel port. Look at the website of LCD Hype which controllers are supported.