Software that supports 631 display


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Is there any software out there other than CC that supports the 631 display? Until version 2.0 comes out I need something more than what CC can offer me.
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ok, I installed girder and the plugin and set it up. The test screen works, but now how do I set up screens and what not?


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First, make sure the LCD plugin is enabled and use the plugin
settings screen to test the interface. If that works:

1. Create a new command
2. Select the new command, and click on the plugins tab
3. Select the LCD plugin, and click on settings
4. Choose an LCD command and choose the settings.
5. Click on OK/apply.
6. Click on Learn Event and press one of the LCD buttons.
The eventstring should be something like UL_Press (for
upper-left button, LL = lower-left, etc.).

Now, whenever you press that button, whatever LCD command/
string you setup will be executed.