Software question -- controlling Windows with 633 buttons


New member
I've built my Living Room PC with a 633 in it, for use as a multimedia device. It's currently running Windows XP Media Center Edition. I would like to be able to play my MP3s without turning on the television -- that's why I got the LCD! Now I'm trying to figure out what software to use to control a music program (WinAmp, Foobar, I'm not very particular.) I've found lots of options that will display information from a music program, but I'm confused about what to use that will enable me to use the 633 buttons without major programming.

(I will also use this to play DVDs, but obviously I can turn on the TV for that so it's not so much of an issue.)

I've seen Girder, FrontView, CC2, LCDSmartie, and I'm still confused. I'm sure someone has solved this problem before and so I'm hoping to get some advice. Thanks!
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