Software interface for the CFAG320240C


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We are going to integrate that LCD into our custom hardware (based on 8051 uC), so PowerLCD solution will not help us.

Any other ideas?

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CF Mark

Ah right.

I cant really help you then, but ill forward your query on to someone who should be able to.


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We are also using that screen. Can you please also point us to any software for a microcontroller interface?

We are using a PIC18F.


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Software Interface

Hi Ray,

First of all - sorry for may late response.

I didn't find any software package which supports that LCD in a reasonable price, so I had to develop it by my self.

It supports user-defined fonts (in any size), bitmaps, inverted areas and blinking areas.

In case you are interested, I'm thinking about selling the C source code to return some of my investment.

Feel free to email me:

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