Smartie 5.0 problems with 632


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I just got my 632 bundle today. I've been trying to figure out what software to use. So far i've got smartie 5.0 working in some capacity. The problem is that it seems to push lines up, meaning what is suppose to be on the second line appears on the first. And the second line of the lcd just has a flashing cursor. Any thoughts as to why this isn't working?

i'm using winxp
LCD 632

in smartie 5 set to:
com 1
scroll speed 400
port speed 19200
lcd size 2 x 16

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CF Tech

Sounds like a "scroll" and "wrap" problem.

Please use WinTest to send over these command strings:




(Just highlight and "copy" each of the three lines above separately, then "right-click", "paste" each of them separately in the edit line of WinTest.

That will turn off scrolling and wrapping and save it as the default boot state.

Please post back if that fixes the problem.


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hmmm i just tried that. It doesn't seem to help. I've also changed it to COM 2 and lowered the baud to 9600, with no different results. What i've noticed is that everytime i open wintest it doesn't keep my preferences, ie 16 x 2 not 20 x 4. Is this normal? After a closer look, my version is 2.1, though it says 2.0 on the lcd screen. Thanks for the help so far.


CF Tech

I am not sure what Smartie is doing. Thought it was a scroll/wrap problem, but must not be.

WinTest does not save any settings by design.

2.1 is the PCB revision, the firmware is 2.0