SKD204-634 v2.2


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I have some problems with the backlight, it's flickering all the time.
Sometimes the backlight isn't working at all. The lcd is working, i can see the screens i put on it.
Is there some way i can mesure the unit to see what's wrong with it. It's the CFA634-TMC-KU model.
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Since the backlight is powered from your USB with this module, make sure that the cable is well connected and that your 5v line from your power supply is steady. Normally, and LED does not flicker unless there is a power issue.
Does the backlight flicker when the system boots other than when the drivers kick in as the OS loads?


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Hi. The flickering is from when i power it up til i shut it down. The cable is ok. Have also tried it in 3 other pc's and its the same. And i have a solid 5,02volt from the cable. It seems thats just one led that is flickering and the other ones is not working at all.

I made a film from my mobile that shows the flickering. Note this is the only led thats seems to work.
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