SKD204-634 V2.2 Arduino SPI


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Any chance someone has example code for SPI control of this old LCD?

I have been trying but cannot get it to work. As the code snippet loops a fixed set of hex values ("H" "e" "l" "l" "o" ), the screen outputs different random characters each time. Wondering if: it is a noise issue, I am missing a preceding character, the bits are offset by 1, or something.
I have supplemental power to the arduino. I am not using the backlight. Tried an arduino uno and mega.
SPI in Arduino is set for 1M, MSBfirst, SPI Mode3.
JPE is closed. JPA is closed.
I have tested with 3 screens, same results on each.
I have checked and rechecked the wiring. So I assume I am missing something with software.
Any help is appreciated.
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CF Kelsey

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Thanks for reaching out with your question. I'm attaching a SPI example and a datasheet from the era. Hopefully these will help!


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