skd204-634 v.2.2 fry it ???


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I conect my SKD204-634 V2.2 to my computer solding, +5VCC LED & +5VCC LCD direct and conect to 5V pc, and gnd to gnd PC.

This is my error, i hope only need +5V LED.

My LCD don't respond, nothing, the display on whith blue light but don't print nothing in the LCD, I test Wintest with negative result.

Any idea ¿?

Sorry for my idiom. (i'm spanish people)
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CF Support

You'll want to make sure that the cable connected to the display is a straight-through serial cable, as opposed to a null-modem cable, as if it's null-modem, the display will not communicate, and will not change based on data passed to it (the lines are switched).

Check your cabling, having +5v LED and LCD wired just means that the display will be on as long as the power supply is on and supplying power.