Siemens MC60 display


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Is it possible to connect the Color LCD of the Siemens mc60 to my parallel port to show pictures on it?

I have the pinout:


So, how shout I connect it -if it is possible- and which software should I use?

P.s. Sorry for my poor English, I'm dutch.
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Without seeing the datasheet for the LCD itself, I would say it *technically* would be possible, but it wouldn't be the best way to go about it.

For starters, the LCD's logic would operate on the 2.9v where the Parallel port would be supplying 5v on it's IO pins. Next, the display's communication is some kind of 2-wire serial interface, which bit-banging the serial protocol out the parallel port would be possible, but not exactly quick.

What you really need to to would be to find the datasheet for the LCD so you have the information about the serial protocol and what commands the LCD expects, then you would be best looking at some kind of microcontroller (AVR, PIC, etc) to interface to the LCD then the PC connects to the microcontroller via RS232 or USB.

As for which software, as far as I know, you would be on your own there, you would need to write some custom software. Of if you use Vista as your OS, you could write a custom sideshow driver.


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And how do I find the datasheet?

I have already googled for the numbers that are on the display:

LPH8731-3c G4252316C V3


0026 9 1/3



But I can't find something...

I think 'LPH8731-3c' is the typenumber.

Oh, and connecting to the serial port or USB-port is fine too.
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Usually, googling the numbers on the back of the display should be enough, but if you can't find them then there is every chance that the display was a custom unit made specifically for Siemens which means you are gunna be all out of luck trying to get it to work.

You can buy generic color LCD modules from SparkFun out of Nokia mobiles which come with the datasheet.