Shuttle XPC Tools


New member
Is it possible to create a plugin for this tool?

I was using speedfan (latest) but for some reason it was causing my system to crash while playing games - temps going into the red (yes I did try upping the max temps)!!

If not, anyone got any suggestions of other programs I could use that will allow me to display temps while gaming?

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New member
I doubt its impossible, but I haven't a clue about programming custom plugins. I use Speedfan with my SN25p, which XPC have you got? And did you look in the event viewer to find out what the crashes were?


New member
Unfortunately not and I have now removed Speedfan.

I was wondering if it could have been the new ACPI checks. I am tempted to go back to an earlier version (4.25 maybe).

I have an SB61G2R.