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I just bought thePkg: SKD162632SGLG + Br. Al. PC Bracket kit. Came with serial port cable,LCD,and bracket,etc. Hooked everything up backlight works fine. But all I am getting is a blinking cursor in the left hand corner. I installed the Crystal Control.I have everything setup. When I click on the SimLCD shows everything just fine but nothing shows up in the LCD window.I've ran the Win test and the demo says done still nothing.I even went to Radio Shack and bought the suggested cable. Should I try going from serial to USB? I need some serious help on this.:confused:
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A few things to check:

- Check that your com ports are turned on and set up in your bios.
- Make sure windows lists the com ports correctly in the device manager.
- Make sure your selecting the right com port in the software (CrystalControl, Wintest, etc).
- Make sure your using the right com port bitrates (verify that what your selecting in software is the same as that on the back of the lcd).


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I have checked and rechecked..Yes the com ports are inabled in the bios. i checked the device manage and com1 and com2 show with no conflicts. i have the displays set at the default setting birates set at 19200. I have the software set at Com2/19200. If i close the software and run the win test it shows com2 open at 19200 baud. scroll banner I get the following message Value=16
Step: Period=167mS, Rate=6.00Hz
Char: Period=1000mS, Rate=1.00Hz
Message Repeats: 40 Seconds but nothing onthe display itself. Bar Graphs I get nothing. large demo shows {3x4 Large Digits Demo Done}{4x4 Large Digits Demo Done}..I'm completely lost.:confused: The only thing that seems to work is the SimLCD
Do I have to install another module?:(
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Oh I am such an Idiot:p I figured out my problem..:eek: I started checked things again,and all this time I had my serial cable hooked up to the com port 1. Thanks for the reply. I think I will go stick my head in the sand for awhile.:p I love this display! I wish I would have went for the 634 now. I'm of to bed now it's 3:00am I will post a pic of my setup tomorrow.
Thanks Again..:eek:
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