Serial port enumeration in CrystalControl2


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CrystalControl2 no longer lists the COM port containing my serial Crystalfontz 634. This COM port is basically a USB to serial adapter. Changing this hardware is not an option.

What are the requirements to get a COM port to work with the software? This used to work with the original Crystalfontz software, just not the new stuff. How does the UI determine which COM ports are available and which are not? This all seems rather flaky to me, as all the other software that enumerates COM ports (e.g. HyperTerminal) has no trouble.

Or is there a way that one can just "type in" a COM port number without any enumeration involved? I tried editing the INI file but the UI complained that the selected COM port no longer existed (an obvious lie).
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New member
I have one of these adaptors too and have changed the com port in the past. This was to use it with a satellite decoder box, it only uses com ports 1 to 4 and I think I needed it on 5 or 6 specifically. Almost sure I went into comtrol panel, located it in system/hardware, checked the properties and changed it there. I can`t check it because I`m currently moving files, deleting a Vista boot strap, deleting a partition, then formatting with NTFS. Thats me sorted for a little while.....

I did think my decoder was faulty but it wanted to work on one particular USB port and the adaptor wanted to work on another, once the two met the problem was over. That is probably whats happening with your setup......